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  • Upper Ward
    The upper ward of Aganthis consists of the highest altitude regions of the largest land-mass of the floating island city. It is also sometimes referred to as Topside or the Magic Ward since it is where the most accomplished magic users of the city may most often be found. The upper ward also contains the dock where supplies are air-lifted into the city. See the wiki for more information about the upper ward.
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  • Lower Ward
    The lower ward has a few different names. Since it is at a lower elevation to the Upper ward and the tram curves around it, it is sometimes referred to as 'The Bowl'. The neighborhoods of lower ward are the most densely populated of all of Aganthis.See the wiki for more information about the lower ward
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  • Arcis Island
    Arcis Island is the last stop for the insanely criminal and those who are simply too powerful to be reintroduced to the populace. The island itself is barred, warded and controlled in all sensible ways (but is not netted). It is essentially ruled by the Wardens and is a small settlement of people who live, work and play in a what is essentially a colony. People do sometimes form families there and have children. Infants are typically taken from parents and put up for adoption in Aganthis proper but the policy is to detach children born in this way from any association with their criminal parents and so they are frequently given false identities. The real records are kept by the Wardens. The prisoners of Arcis frequently wear collars similar to slave collars to control their impulses and as an additional safeguard to escape. The island is constantly circled by trained aphitere and water demons in the service of the wardens.
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  • Waterview
    Waterview is a small town on the island of Tharnis. It would not be noteworthy at all except that it has become like an annex to Aganthis proper. Over ten years ago the Wizard Council of Aganthis started working with the island authorities to build facilities to house and manage dragon transports to and from the island since it had a sea port. Since then, Aganthis trade has absorbed most of the island's independent interests. Most non-flyers who go to visit Aganthis from other empires must travel through Waterview. Those who fail to pass muster or are refused admittance to Aganthis may end up detained in Waterview for a time.

    The town itself is quite quaint but the port is massive in order to handle the large shipment needs of the floating city it services. Waterview is a great place to work for people who don't mind hauling or checking through cargo but it also has a bustling nightlife.
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  • Other Floating Islands
    There are numerous broken bits of the floating island that Aganthis sits on since it has been deteriorating for many years. These island pieces may float higher or lower than the large piece that the city sits on and generally require flight to visit.
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  • Yllinia
    The underwater world of Yllinia is sacred the Yli people. It is one of their only cities and it is home to the Yli Council. Build of living coral, no two rooms are the same size or shape. There are few buildings, only those that provide privacy for the inhabitants, all meetings are held in open water.
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  • Mayor's Residence
    The manor is a cultural fusion of Ethian, Vpera, and Yli design. Inside is a spacious, airy expanse with an abundance of furnishings. Kitchens and servants’ quarters are on the first floor, while studies, offices, and bedrooms on the second. Outside, it flanks the entire side of the village square. There is a row of palm trees, a tiled sloping roof, stone walls, and ceiling-to-toe windows wrought with coral and mother of pearl. Each window has its own veranda. The manor was originally built by religious pilgrims and faces the Pillar of Names.
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  • Exil Slums
    Dubbing themselves the people of Exil, the slums are a dirty place. The streets are paved with mud, buildings tilt to the side, threatening to fall at any moment. This land is dangerous and ruled by thieves. They live outside the wall and outside the law.
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  • Souk District
    A place filled with the smells of the sea and of the land. This is a locale where all races mingle to show their wares to each other in the hopes of doing business. Items for sale, hands for hire, and food to eat-it can all be found here and more.
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  • Via Dell'Acqua
    Via Dell'Acqua makes up the majority of on land Onise. It is the name given to everything inside the walls and sanctioned by the government. The city is very much still under construction. It is difficult to go out and buy supplies as most things need to be traded for in the market. Buildings nearly all require repairs or rebuilding as they were put up so hastily. Overall, conditions are still better in Via Dell'Acqua then they are outside.
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  • Myanar
    Myanar exists on the southern shore of the larger Yangon Province. It is positioned well for sea trade, and its placement along the western branch of the Twin Rivers assures a steady flow of goods and supplies from the continent to the north. It is still very easy to notice the broken blackened scars left by the terrible fire that consumed Myanar less than a year ago. Many of the buildings in the heart of the city including the palace still bear the stark reminders of the terrifying disaster and few of its current residents can claim not to know someone lost in the fire.
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  • Vione
    Vione is a planned settlement having benefited from the vision of an overzealous entrepreneur with a mass of accumulated wealth. The settlement was originally planned to be a utopia of sorts demonstrating the amazing marvels that were possible when science, technology and magic were combined. Unfortunately, what looked good on paper began to fall apart once the realities of limited resources and greed caught up with the project. The Academy was the only part of the city to remain fully intact after the financial collapse and it soon took over the city's needs for a governing body. Vione is NOT part of the Ethian Empire.
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  • Journals
    Journals can be an excellent exercise in character development. This forum is provided for members to share their journals with other members.
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    For those storylines completely based in the past.
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  • Alternate Universe Artistic Shade
    Sometimes we like to imagine scenarios that couldn't possibly happen in the current timeframe or setting. Sometimes we're just being silly and sometimes we're bowing to the desires of our overactive muses. Regardless, this is where such abominations do unfold.
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  • Fun and Games
    Welcome to the AS Carnival, games, shows, excitement. Step right up and take a spin!
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    This is where to go if you want to propose ideas to the staff or offer suggestions or comments in discussions presented by the staff. Tell us what you think!
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